Customs Brokerage

Global trade is more of a challenge today than ever before. Businesses must navigate complex trade agreements and maintain compliance with a host of international regulations. Add to that the heightened importance of national and international security. With these challenges, it's critical to have a knowledgeable guide to help you navigate international commerce. With over 90 years of experience and customs brokerage services offered in more than 60 countries worldwide, UPS Supply Chain Solutions can provide you with global coverage and reliable service.

Canada Customs Brokerage
Importing goods into a country can be a daunting task. Duty rates, tariff classifications, valuation, trade agreements and customs clearance can be costly and confusing. Fortunately, UPS Supply Chain Solutions can help.

US Customs Brokerage
Gain cross-border support from a global leader: let UPS Supply Chain Solutions allow you to successfully manage your complex filing, reporting, and compliance requirements with U.S. Customs and other government agencies

Customs Technology Solutions
Access import and export tools that provide compliance, classification, documentation, and other information to navigate trade regulations and tariffs, including the UPS TradeSenseTM software suite*

Trade Management Consulting
Simplify your trade and regulatory compliance utilizing our portfolio of international trade consulting services. UPS provides clients with customized assessments regarding complex compliance and administrative issues facing companies worldwide.*

Customs Tools and Forms
UPS Supply Chain Solutions provides online tools and forms to help optimize your business processes.

* Provided by UPS Trade Management Services, Inc.